Last month AutoPlay shared some pretty crazy stats showing the increase in Lead, Test Drive and Sales activity from April to May 2020. Given the almost complete shutdown of the market in April it was not surprising to see increases in the volume of Leads, Test Drives and Sales anywhere from 200% to 800%.

This month we are looking at the first 20 days of June vs the first 20 days of May. So far this month June is running fairly close to pre COVID-19 levels. Compared to May, Leads are up 43.0%, Test Drives up 95.7% and Sales up 64.6% MTD.

TOTAL ACTIVITY KPI – June 1st to 20th 2020 (vs May 1st to 20th 2020)
Leads – Up 43.0%
Test Drives – Up 95.7%
​Sales – Up 64.6%

Leads from the ‘Brand’ source continue to bounce back at a higher rate than online sources such as 3rd party listing sites and dealer websites which continued to generate low volumes of leads even during the Level 3 & 4 shutdowns. Leads from the ‘Brand’ source increased by 95.3% from the previous period in May, but still account for approximately a third of the number of leads generated by ‘Web Classified’ (up 33.4%) and ‘Web – Dealer’ (up 21.9%) lead sources. Interestingly there is a small trend showing that the types of vehicles being enquired on are trending towards lower price ranges than during the pre COVID-19 period.

TOP 3 SOURCES OF LEADS – June 1st to 20th 2020 (vs May 1st to 20th 2020)
Web – Classified – Up 33.4%
Web – Dealer – Up 21.9%
Brand – Up 95.3%

​Test Drives were one of the biggest KPI’s to bounce back in May and June (alongside Appraisals) – increasing by 95.7%. Test Drives from ‘Web – Classified’ sources increased by 60.6% from 1st-20th May vs 1st-20th June, and overtook ‘Web -Dealer’ (up 48.6%) as the top source of test drives for kiwi dealerships. Test Drives attributed to genuine walk-ins are often attributed to the ‘Direct’ source in AutoPlay and this source continued to increase – up 180% from the previous period.

TOP 3 SOURCES OF TEST DRIVES – June 1st to 20th 2020 (vs May 1st to 20th 2020)
Web – Classified – Up 60.6%
Web – Dealer – Up 48.6%
Direct – Up 180%

As with all other metrics Sales continued to bounce back in June with a 64.6% increase in June 1st-20th from the same period in May. Sales attributed to ‘Web – Classified’ sources increased by 42.0%, sales attributed to ‘Web – Classified’ sources increased by 36.7% and sales attributed to ‘Repeat’ customers increased by 62.8%.

TOP 3 SOURCES OF SALES – June 1st to 20th 2020 (vs May 1st to 20th 2020)
Web – Classified – Up 42.0%
Web – Dealer – Up 36.7%
Repeat – Up 62.8%

​Overall, we are seeing a strong bounce back in activity across the majority of customers using the AutoPlay Sales Pipeline to manage their leads (approx. 80% of franchise dealership by volume). As we know, the challenge will be to sustain this level of activity in what will surely be a challenging market for the remainder of 2020. Make sure to check back for more regular updates from AutoPlay on pre-sale lead activity throughout NZ.