To govern or promote?  What is the role of Motorsport New Zealand?  Like it or not, their role is very much about the promotion of motorsport, mixed with governance.  These are embedded within the MSNZ constitution which sets out objectives, powers, membership, appointments, duties, discipline and procedures.  To change any of these will require a change in constitution.

Often, we hear opinions on what MSNZ should or shouldn’t do.  What we need to be very clear about is that what they have to do is very much set within their constitution and it is no different to many organisations.  Hence, there are three things to keep in mind:

First it is important to remember that they are the National Sporting Authority in New Zealand as delegated by the world’s governing body, the FIA.

Second, as an incorporated society, they have a responsibility to the member clubs which own the organisation. These responsibilities include fiscal prudence and responsibility with members and stakeholder funds, and the active support, resources and training for club officials.

Third, there is a constitution that MSNZ (and its members) must adhere to.

Talkmotorsport asked MSNZ the question ‘What is the purpose of MotorSport New Zealand’?

“The organisation’s purpose is the govern and promote motorsport in this country to ensure our sport is accessible, fair and safe for all New Zealanders,” commented Jordie Peters, Digital and Media manager.

He continues to make the very good point, “The development and promotion of motorsport in New Zealand is not to be confused with being event promoters and organisers, but rather is something we see as crucial to growing the sport in all areas.”

This seems to be the area that causes some confusion.  Promotion of motorsport and the promotion of events are quite different but can lead to some grey areas.  Yes, MSNZ is about governance but also very much about promotion.

The MSNZ constitution outlines eleven objectives (listed below), four of these involve promotion and include:
-promote, develop and foster the various sports and competitions involving automobiles
-To encourage, promote and provide education about automobile motorsport…
-To promote opportunities and facilities to enable, assist and enhance the participation…
-To promote, develop and co-ordinate competitions for all automobile sport related activities of MSNZ

So promoting motorsport is imperative, very much alongside governance. Whether that becomes a commercialised operation is another matter because that brings in constitutional responsibilities of fiscal prudence and responsibility to its members and stakeholders funds. Hence, that is why the promotion, for example, of the summer series is currently with Speed Works.

Coupled with this is the obligations of MSNZ’s member clubs also to promote motorsport. Members must ‘Administer, promote, and develop automobile sport in the Club in accordance with the Objects of MSNZ, this constitution …….

Governing bodies will invariably cop more flak than praise. What is important to consider is that MSNZ and its members are bound by a constitution and this needs to be taken into consideration and its importance is not to be under-estimated.

The 11 objectives of MSNZ are:

a/ To be the national body in New Zealand to promote, develop and foster the various sports and competitions involving automobiles with four or more wheels (“automobile sport”) for recreation and entertainment;(

b/To support and assist its Members to deliver automobile sport in New Zealand;

c/ To encourage,  promote  and  provide  education  about  automobile  sport  and  automobile  sport competition as an activity that promotes and maintains the health and wellbeing of all participants in automobile sport in New Zealand;

d/ To promote  opportunities  and  facilities  to  enable, assist  and  enhance  the  participation,  enjoyment and performance in automobile sport in MSNZ’s activities;

e/ To promote,  develop  and  co-ordinate  competitions  for  all  automobile  sport-related activities of MSNZ;

f/ To affiliate and co-operate with kindred and other organisations, including the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (“FIA”) and as such, enforce the rules and regulations of the FIA in New Zealand;

g/ Determine, publish and enforce the rules or National Sporting Code for automobile sport in New Zealand;

h/ Determine records and awards for automobile sport competition;

i/ Act in good faith and loyalty to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of MSNZ and motorsport, its standards, quality and reputation for the collective and mutual benefit of the Member Clubs and motorsport;

j/ At  all  times  to  operate  with,  and  promote,  mutual  trust  and  confidence  between  MSNZ  and its Member Clubs in pursuit of these objectives;

k/ At all times to act on behalf of, and in the interests of, the Member Clubs and motorsport.