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Cabin Filters

Part NumberModelYearTrade Price*GetGenuine Points**
8V5118D543AAFiesta2009 onwards$2436 pts
4M5J19G244AAFocus2006-2011$3857 pts
AV6N19G244AAFocus2012 onwards$4466 pts
3M5J19G244AAMondeo2007 onwards$4364 pts
DG9H18D483BAMondeo2014 onwards$3755 pts
8V5118D543AAEcosport2013 onwards$2436 pts
AV6N18D543AAKuga2013 onwards$3146 pts
BG19N619AFalcon2002-2014$4364 pts
BG19N619ATerritory2004 onwards$4364 pts
AB3919N619AARanger2011 onwards$3451 pts
AB3919N619AAEverest2015 onwards$3451 pts
BK2119G244AATransit2013 onwards$4364 pts


Falcon 2008 onwards / Territory 2011 onwards

Part NumberDescriptionTrade Price*GetGenuine Points**
AGSP22Z13 x 6Spark Plugs$87130 pts
AFL101Oil Filter$1928 pts
AFA101Air Filter$5278 pts
BG9155BFuel Filter$2842 pts

Ranger 2011 onwards / Everest 2015 onwards

Part NumberDescriptionTrade Price*GetGenuine Points**
JU2Z6731AOil Filter$2030 pts
AB399601ADAir Filter$5582 pts
AB399176ACFuel Filter$4364 pts


A few more of our top service parts…

Part NumberDescriptionModel/YearTrade Price*GetGenuine Points**
AV6J9601S1AAir FilterFocus 2006 onwards
Kuga and Escape 2011 onwards
$46.0069 pts
AB396C301CBDrive BeltRanger 2011 onwards$36.00 54 pts
6C1Q6C301HCDrive BeltTransit 2006 onwards$131.00196 pts
CC119176BCFuel FilterTransit 2006 onwards$83.00124 pts
BK3Q6M090ABGlow PlugRanger 2011 onwards
Everest 2015 onwards
Transit 2006 onwards
$26.0039 pts
5C161175AAHub SealTransit 2000 onwards$46.0069 pts
WE0113R79BInjector Bracket SealRanger 2006-2011$6.009 pts
WE0110508BTInjector SealRanger 2006-2011$22.0033 pts
AA6E6714AAOil FilterEcoSport 2013 onwards
Falcon 2011 onwards,
Fiesta 2013 onwards
Focus 2011 onwards
Kuga and Escape 2013 onwards,
Mondeo 2014 onwards
Ranger 2011 onwards
$19.0028 pts
AFL98Oil FilterFocus 2011 onwards
Kuga and Escape 2011 onwards,
Mondeo 2007 onwards
Transit 2006 onwards
$19.0028 pts
BAF4B424ASuspension BushesFalcon 2002 onwards
Territory 2004 onwards
$58.0087 pts
KU7Z19A509CTransmission FluidVarious, 1 litre*$18.0027 pts

* Prices are recommended only and are net discount and exclude GST. Recommended prices were correct at time of publishing.
**GetGenuine reward points are awarded only to trade customers registered under the GetGenuine Rewards Programme. Points values above are calculated at the standard rate. Promotion ends 31 August 2020.